U of M Club of Greater Detroit

The Alumni Association of the University of Michigan connects U-M alumni with local clubs to keep them connected to U-M through events and volunteer opportunities in their communities.

The U of M Club of Greater Detroit is part of this network of regional clubs throughout the country. Alumni living in Detroit who are members of the Alumni Association are automatically members of the U of M Club of Greater Detroit.

The club was founded in Detroit in 1895 as the University of Michigan Association of Detroit with 170 members. In 1911, it was re-organized under the name University of Michigan Club of Detroit. As the population of Detroit expanded into the surrounding areas in 1969, the club changed its name to the University of Michigan Club of Greater Detroit. Today there are currently more than 2,000 alumni association members participating in the group.

The Detroit Club has invested substantial time and money over the years to finance scholarships for deserving U-M students. The club currently grants more than 12 scholarships a year to trainers, band members and the general student population.

The group’s annual Football Bust is considered its premier event. Each year at the end of the season, senior University of Michigan football players are given a coveted “M” ring by the club and team awards are distributed as well. The club also holds other annual events including a kickoff dinner prior to the opening game of the football season, family events, a breakfast for all incoming freshman students from the Detroit area, winter sports days at a U-M hockey game and a golf outing in June.

Dues paid by alumni association members help provide the resources and support that Detroit alumni use to host special club events.
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