1. Indian family builds their American dream at the University of Michigan

    Their mother moved to Ann Arbor for what was supposed to be a 2-year fellowship at the University of Michigan. But the entire family fell in love with the university, the community, and has remained connected to it for 34 years.

  2. From garden to growth: This urban garden cultivates young leaders

    Cadillac Urban Gardens doesn’t just grow produce. It grow leaders and environmental stewards, says U-M alumna Sarah Clark, who founded the garden. Clark started working with Dolores Perales in 2013 when she was a sophomore at Detroit Cristo Rey High School. Perales went on to earn dual master’s degrees from U-M.

  3. PARTNER PROFILE: Dabls Mbad African Bead Museum

    Museum founder Olayami Dabls, an artist and storyteller who grew up in Detroit, wanted the museum’s exterior to tell the same story as the strands and jars of colorful beads displayed inside. Since 1998, the African Bead Museum has drawn visitors from around the world. He partnered with U-M recently on the AfricanFuturist Greenhouse, designed to mimic bead patterns.

  4. Program manager keeps Campus Farm bustling, partners with Detroit groups

    This past spring the farm grew 14,000 tomato transplants in collaboration with Keep Growing Detroit for distribution in that organization’s Garden Resource Program that supports over 2,000 urban and community gardens in the city.

  5. Q&A: DeAndré Calvert continues family legacy with work uniting students and community partners

    “The pandemic shined a light on the fact that digital access is both a real requirement for modern living, and a cause of inequity for those who don’t have it. With so many aspects of our lives taking place remotely, that digital divide seemed to get bigger.”

    ~ DeAndré Calvert

  6. Immersive Semester in Detroit Program expands opportunity to all U-M campuses, providing transformational learning experiences 

    Students are encouraged to be mindful of their identities when entering a space they’re not from, and to always lead with a respect for the work that is already being done. 

  7. Ideas with a beat: Hip-hop as a new universal language

    Deidre D.S.SENSE Smith has found that, like music itself, hip-hop is becoming a universal language. “People from all walks of life have the need and desire to be understood.”

    Ideas With A Beat: Hip-hop Songwriting (MUSPERF 200) is open to all majors.

  8. SEAS continues to grow environmental justice program with new expertise, community organizers

    By expanding the program and building on its history as leaders in environmental justice, SEAS is continuing to foster the educational experience that communities affected by injustice have been demanding of universities.

  9. U-M forecast: Detroit economy overcoming pandemic challenges while grappling with recession fears

    The forecast calls for the city to add 11,300 payroll jobs this year and 6,100 in 2023, the year in which the city is expected to recover to its pre-pandemic level.