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  1. U-M alum Jessica Brooke Williams boosts Heidelberg Project

    Three decades ago, an artist named Tyree Guyton turned two abandoned blocks around his grandfather’s house on Detroit’s east side into a landmark incorporating his signature polka dots along with…

  2. Q&A – Reynolds Farley: A long view on Detroit

    Reynolds Farley started teaching urban sociology in 1967, the same year of the Detroit riots. The University of Michigan professor emeritus of sociology was also a research scientist at the…

  3. Sense of home inspires Taubman lecturer to help revitalize Detroit

    Kimberly stands in front of her desk in an office lit with natural light.

    In an effort to preserve other Detroiters’ memories and neighborhoods, Dowdell — a Detroit Native — is a partner at Century Partners, a Detroit-based real estate development firm that aims to revitalize city neighborhoods while connecting residents to investment opportunities.

    1. HAILed it: Tuition-free promise effectively recruits low-income students to University of Michigan

      High-achieving, low-income students who received personalized commitment of financial aid are more than twice as likely to apply, be admitted to and enroll in a top-tier university, according to a new University of Michigan study.

    2. Survey asks Detroiters about housing, employment, mobility and race relations

      The majority of Detroiters either know someone who has been evicted from their home during the past year or have been evicted themselves, and an even larger number of Detroiters know someone who has lost a job in the past year or have lost one themselves.

    3. From foster care to fulfillment: U-M program gives hope to foster students across Michigan

      Cherish Fields graduated from U-M with the aid of a Blavin Scholarship, a program to help foster children attain college degrees. Today, as a social worker at a Detroit agency that assists children who are wards of the state, she is helping children just like herself.

    4. Flying cars are coming

      Jon Rimanelli is quietly engineering a revolution with industry-shifting ideas, existing technology and a really old company. The new vision for the Detroit Aircraft Corporation could return this century plus old company to prominence.


      What’s happening in Detroit, with the help of the Michigan Engineering Zone, may help solve Michigan’s economic manpower problem. Valerie and Tony Russell are rolling. On a 90-degree day in…

    6. Developing future leaders of Detroit starts with a summer internship

      Program graduates will have the skills to preserve and transform places and programs that are vital to the city’s history and growth.