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  1. Detroit-area speaker encourages churches to be more welcoming

    John Thorne said systemic and institutional racism can permeate the hallowed halls of the church, and it is up to congregations and pastors to ensure their place of worship is inviting.

  2. Dara Hill finds resonating way to share research

    “I will tell you this: When I published articles about this topic, no one was like, ‘I want to read it! How can I read it? With the film, I had so many people who couldn’t make it to the festival writing me, saying, ‘I want to see it! How can I see it?’”

    ~ Dara Hill, associate professor of reading and language arts in the College of Education, Health, and Human Services at UM-Dearborn

  3. Alum Noam Kimelman shares the secret to building true community

    These friendships and real experiences are what finally taught Kimelman his most important life lesson to date: that his views on what Detroit needed were not necessarily what the people who lived there every day needed — from him or the organization he built.

    1. Census undercounted population in select Detroit neighborhoods by 8%

      If undercounts of a similar magnitude occurred in a majority of the city’s more than 600 block groups, the potential undercount could be in the tens of thousands.

    2. And justice for all: Amanda Alexander brings racial justice front and center

      “The past three and a half years of running the Detroit Justice Center have really driven home the importance of putting questions of incarceration front and center when we’re thinking about the future of the city.”

      ~ Amanda Alexander

    3. Detroit Center for Innovation to be built in The District Detroit

      When opened, the DCI will provide Michigan businesses and communities a pipeline of talent and offer opportunities for current workers to further their skills in a world of fast-paced technological change.

    4. U-M will renovate Rackham building in Detroit

      The building sits adjacent to many city landmarks, including the Detroit Institute of Arts, Wayne State University and the Detroit Public Library, making it an ideal launching pad for educational and cultural experiences for the city and U-M community. 

    5. Event: Detroit in context–assets, history and challenges

      This virtual tour by the Detroit Experience Factory will help provide understanding as to how Detroit’s history shaped where it is today.

    6. U-M Clements Library acquires rare hand-drawn map of Detroit from 1761, pursues crowdfunding

      The map will further enrich the treasure-trove of Detroit history held at the Clements, which is home to one of the most comprehensive collections of early American history in the world. The Clements holds several dozen plans of the town of Detroit, charting its growth from the early 18th century until 1900.

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