Detroit’s passionate small businesses welcome Urban Entrepreneur students

Source: Center for Entrepreneurship

David Tarver, left, with students from his Urban Entrepreneurship course.

Every fall CFE lecturer David Tarver takes his ENTR 490.012, Urban Entrepreneurship Practicum, into the heart of Detroit to meet with local entrepreneurs and hear about the issues and opportunities small businesses face. This year the class visited five businesses: Good Cakes and Bakes, Century Partners, Shinola, SpaceLab Detroit, Hamtramck/Banglatown Bangladeshi American Public Affairs Committee.

The class boards a bus from North Campus early on a Saturday morning and returns just in time to catch the kickoff of the evening football game. This year was no different, except for the masks. Last year’s trek was modified into a video David shot with each of the businesses that were then shown to students.

As an alum of the University himself, David feels a deep connection between U-M and the city of Detroit. He hopes that students come away from the experience with a better understanding of the wide array of possibilities an urban setting, like Detroit, can offer entrepreneurs.

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