1. Detroit youth share vision for $5.7M grant to address homelessness, housing instability

    Between 11-16% of Detroit K-12 students faced homelessness or housing instability in 2021-22, according to a new study from Wayne State University College of Education’s Detroit Partnership for Education Equity & Research in partnership with University of Michigan’s Poverty Solutions.

  2. Meet the future: transforming vacant land in Detroit

    The trust she has built has allowed Lisa DuRussel to integrate her deep connections into the projects she designs for her students. She says that these projects tend to attract SEAS students who are interested in both community engagement and the questions surrounding the future of vacant land in Detroit.

  3. U-M’s Poverty Solutions takes an evidence-based approach to improving life in Detroit and beyond

    “We’ve done a great deal with housing and revitalization. We’ve worked a great deal with workforce development and with public health. So a lot of how we live out our mission happens in the city of Detroit.”
    ~ Luke Shaefer, director of Poverty Solutions

  4. Live Coal: Bringing the spark for artists and neighborhoods

    Yvette Rock’s empathetic approach has had that effect on scores of people in the community through her many initiatives connected to art. “I started thinking about what it would mean for Yvette Rock to be a ‘live coal,'” she said. “What would it mean for me to be someone in the city of Detroit who helps set these things in motion, this artistic venture in motion, you know, like being a spark in the city, causing others to be excited about art?”

  5. Partner Profile: Brilliant Detroit works with neighborhoods to promote success of kids, families

    Brilliant Detroit runs a host of programs out of houses-turned-community hubs in 14 neighborhoods across the city. On a mission to create “kid success” neighborhoods, the nonprofit offers tutoring, GED preparation and testing, health and fitness classes, nutrition information, reading activities, and social-emotional and mental health services for children and their families. It was co-founded by two U-M alums in 2016 and has partnered with the university from the beginning.

  6. Ginsberg match advances sustainability, builds neighborhood connections in Detroit

    An interdisciplinary team of 20 master’s students from SEAS, as well as the Ross School of Business, Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning and the School of Social Work, worked throughout the semester alongside Paige and others at Bailey Park to advance sustainability knowledge through various community engaged projects.

  7. Community Enterprise Clinic supports new food security hub in Detroit

    Dana Thompson, clinical professor of law and director of the Community Enterprise Clinic, said the food security network’s values, importance to Detroit, and wide range of legal needs has resulted in a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

  8. Alum Malika Pryor curates an exhibit and arts initiative in her hometown

    Malika Pryor grew up taking part in Detroit-based arts advocacy programs led by women family members and Black community leaders. She’s highlighting these women in a new exhibition, which runs through December at the Charles H. Wright Museum in Detroit.

  9. UMSI student interns gain valuable experience and inspire impact at community organizations

    Students are encouraged to think about problems in a culturally responsive manner while working on gaining a stronger understanding of personal biases, power and privilege.