Marsal School of Education

  1. Detroit Public Television airs ‘The Pioneers of Marygrove’

    A new documentary features the Class of 2023, the first high school students to graduate from The School at Marygrove. Featuring Marsal School Dean Elizabeth Moje, The School at Marygrove Principal Lisa Williams, teachers, and members of the Class of 2023, Detroit Public Television recently aired The Pioneers of Marygrove. Opened in 2019 on the campus of the former Marygrove College in Northwest Detroit, the school offers a unique opportunity for students to engage in project- and placed-based learning with a focus on STEM and social justice.

  2. Back-to-school topics: U-M experts available

    Back to school brings several challenges, from student learning, expectations of academic success and mental health concerns among children to questioning technology replacing educators and AI and the ongoing shortage of teachers, school staff and supplies. University of Michigan experts can address these and other issues as students return to school.

  3. Engaging students in math, U-M’s TeachingWorks lab will be offered in Detroit this month

    For the first time in its 16-year history, the Elementary Mathematics Laboratory, a program tailored for teachers, education leaders and researchers, will be held at The School at Marygrove in Detroit. The week-long classes, July 24-28, will be hosted by TeachingWorks, a center at the University of Michigan’s Marsal Family School of Education dedicated to harnessing the power of teaching to create a more just society.

  4. Engage Detroit Workshops showcase brings community and U-M together

    The Engage Detroit Workshops grant program will support eight teams of U-M faculty, staff, students, and community partners in organizing workshops that will strengthen partnerships between the University of Michigan and Detroit. The 2023 round of funding is supporting projects through August 2024. The projects range from one that helps parents become more involved in their children’s education to another that explores the range of fatherhood experiences.