1. UMSI student interns gain valuable experience and inspire impact at community organizations

    Students are encouraged to think about problems in a culturally responsive manner while working on gaining a stronger understanding of personal biases, power and privilege. 

  2. Detroiters say quality K-12 schools is top policy priority for November elections

    Compared to Detroiters who say they will definitely vote, uncertain and unlikely voters list fewer policy issues as high priorities. Definite voters are far more likely to consider the environment; abortion; LGBTQ+ rights; and racial inequality as high priorities for elected officials. 

  3. Candidate support for reparations would mobilize Detroit voters

    In addition to affecting voter turnout in upcoming elections, a reparations policy may also shape which candidates voters support. The majority of Detroiters who said they will “definitely” or “probably” vote in the upcoming election said a reparations policy was an important factor in who they will support.

  4. Alum J.P. Jerome and friends’s winning formula for Detroit City Distillery

    Co-owner J.P. Jerome has been friends with his seven business partners since early childhood and credits that strong bond as a large part of the success of the distillery. Each partner brings unique strengths to the table, and a lifetime of cooperation and collaboration has led to the continued growth of the business.

  5. Partner Profile: HOPE Village Revitalization

    “We’ve had a wide range of committed, passionate, very intelligent U-M students who are willing to use their time and talents to help our neighborhood and our mission. That’s priceless.”
    ~ Debbie Fisher, executive director of HOPE Village Revitalization

  6. Davis Williams builds a village to rebuild a city

    This juncture of vision and process is where Williams feels she can have the greatest impact. It’s a skill set she honed during her studies at Taubman College. “One of the first things that we learned in our first year was about the planning process,” she recalls. “I don’t think I appreciated how invaluable that was until I graduated.”

  7. Digital Exhibit: The Detroit River and the University of Michigan

    As a commercial artery, the Detroit River built and bankrolled U-M; as the site of major engineering projects, it inspired the university’s pioneering naval architecture program; as an international border, it drew university alumni into the Underground Railroad’s anti-slavery networks; and as a damaged but recovering ecosystem, it continues to inspire the university’s ecology and sustainability research.

  8. Robinson recognized with AIA Michigan award for Frita Batidos Detroit

    Interior lighting in the space is mediated by a combination of 9 shades and glosses of white pigments, producing a visual richness and reflective reverb that ensures every Instagrammer and foodie has perfect lighting for social media dispersion.

  9. Q&A: Faye Alexander Nelson’s vision put Detroit on revival path

    “We found that placemaking had a very positive impact on the growth and development and the resurgence of urban communities, really throughout the throughout the world, but especially here in Detroit, and that it really helped to drive the change in conversation.”