1. Concert Band collaborates with Crescendo Detroit and Detroit Harmony in a joint concert

    The U-M Concert Band performed at Hill Auditorium alongside high school students from Crescendo Detroit and Detroit Harmony, marking the first time these groups of students would share the stage and perform together.

  2. Five new courses boost ‘Saturdays in the D’ experience for Detroit students

    “Saturdays in the D” launches five new courses for middle and high school students starting next week including ones that will feature tours to local artist studios and an entrepreneurial course that features a tour to Michigan Central.

  3. Overcoming barriers to heat pump adoption in cold climates and avoiding the ‘energy poverty trap’

    Home weatherization upgrades, such as adding attic insulation and sealing around doors and windows, could help reduce utility bills and make electric heating more affordable. But those energy retrofits are expensive and are likely beyond the reach of many low-income households, which could lead to what the researchers call an energy poverty trap.

  4. Detroit Regional Chamber, U-M announce innovation corridor plan

    With the combined efforts of U-M and the Detroit Regional Chamber, Innovate Michigan is poised to transform the region into a national leader in technology and economic development.

  5. More than one story: LSA student creates exhibit to celebrate Chinese Americans in Detroit

    The textbook story of Detroit’s Chinatowns might go something like this: Many Chinese people were left in poverty after two wars that Britain waged on China, in which Britain forcibly…

  6. Julie Schneider: Public servants advancing the public good

    Within the last five years, $1 billion has been invested in affordable housing in the city of Detroit to create and preserve 12,000 housing units. Julie Schneider, a Ford School alumna and a former Bohnett fellow, now director of the city of Detroit’s Housing and Revitalization Department, facilitated the planning process and is now overseeing its implementation.

  7. Saturdays in the D video

    A partnership between the city of Detroit and the University of Michigan, Saturdays in the D is back for 2024. Watch the short video to learn more.

  8. Discover Detroit through its little-known history

    From where Miles Davis regularly played to the origins of the DIA, Communications Professor Tim Kiska dives into seldomly shared city history through the Detroit History Podcast. Season six has launched.

  9. Racing hydrogen cars in Detroit

    Henderson Academy students in Detroit used electrolyzers to produce hydrogen gas from water and power miniature fuel cell cars at the Michigan Engineering Zone. We are “excited to introduce these younger students to possibilities of hydrogen power in moving to a net-zero world,” said Todd Allen, co-director of MI-Hydrogen.