1. Alum Ryan Myers-Johnson: celebrating community and creativity with Sidewalk Detroit

    University of Michigan graduate Ryan Myers-Johnson, founder and executive director of Sidewalk Detroit, created the festival as an annual event to honor the charm and uniqueness of Detroit’s neighborhood streetscapes.The festival celebrates the vibrant culture and heritage of the Northwest Detroit neighborhood of Old Redford, known for its rich history and diverse community.

  2. Social Enterprise Spotlight: Detroit 75 Kitchen

    Ahmad Nassar was on his way to medical school like many other children of immigrants but his entrepreneurial spirit and devotion to being part of the ongoing revitalization of Detroit compelled him to take a sharp turn in his career. He went on to found Detroit 75 Kitchen, a food truck service in Southwest Detroit.

  3. Live Coal: Bringing the spark for artists and neighborhoods

    Yvette Rock’s empathetic approach has had that effect on scores of people in the community through her many initiatives connected to art. “I started thinking about what it would mean for Yvette Rock to be a ‘live coal,'” she said. “What would it mean for me to be someone in the city of Detroit who helps set these things in motion, this artistic venture in motion, you know, like being a spark in the city, causing others to be excited about art?”

  4. U-M alum works to ease Detroit’s multi-family housing shortage

    “We want to build housing for everyone from young people trying to find their place in this world to older single people looking for a clean, safe home. There is too much emphasis on building bigger housing for young families, i.e. single-family houses.”
    ~ Jon Zemke, U-M alum

  5. Mike Duggan talks about why he stayed in Detroit after graduation from U-M

    Duggan still goes back to Ann Arbor on a regular basis, often to speak to students about his insights on business or politics. Duggan said he’s pleased not only with the relationships between the Ann Arbor campus and Detroit but on how many students care about what happens in the Motor City.