Research Seminar in Quantitative Economics

  1. Detroit’s economic recovery continues, yet lags other cities in share of living-wage earners

    U-M’s economic forecasters analyzed Detroit’s living wage in comparison with “peer” cities. They found only 36% of Detroit residents earn a living wage, compared with 45% in Milwaukee, 48% in Cleveland and 60% in Chicago. Minneapolis has the highest share among cities, though still less than two-thirds of its primary earners make a living wage.  

  2. U-M forecast: Detroit economy likely to avoid worst effects of national slowdown, see overall growth

    As the city’s economy approaches full employment and inflation subsides, the economists expect wage gains to outpace inflation from 2024 to 2027.

  3. U-M forecast: Detroit economy overcoming pandemic challenges while grappling with recession fears

    The forecast calls for the city to add 11,300 payroll jobs this year and 6,100 in 2023, the year in which the city is expected to recover to its pre-pandemic level.

  4. U-M forecast: Detroit economy showing ‘resilience’ in face of pandemic downturn, though challenges persist

    The Detroit Economic Outlook for 2021-26, released Friday, notes challenges in gathering economic data during the pandemic but says the city “has shown resilience in the face of an unprecedented downturn.”