Community-Academic Partnership

  1. Cass coasters: Reclaiming glass and wood and purpose

    The original glass coasters feature murals from “Detroit’s Wailing Wall” near 8 Mile Road and Wyoming that was built in 1940 as a division between Black and white neighborhoods. The images of brightly colored houses, factories and neighbors added years later gave the wall new meaning.

  2. U-M Concussion Center teams with Detroit schools to develop student-athlete concussion toolkit

    The toolkit was introduced to coaches and administrators during the DPSCD Athletic Symposium in August. Sept.17 was National Concussion Awareness Day. 

  3. U-M awarded grant to support Detroit entrepreneurs in bridging digital divide

    The project builds on Tawanna Dillahunt and Julie Hui’s partnership with the Friends of Parkside to pilot a “community tech worker” program to assist seniors requiring technology-related support. Tech workers will be embedded at Jefferson East to develop a sustainable, useful model that will help bridge the digital divide for small businesses. 

  4. MIDAS, Detroit Police Athletic League to assess youth programs

    The study gives Detroit PAL the expertise needed to assess and improve measurement tools and a research-based confirmation of a statistically significant result from their work.

  5. P-20 initiative grows with new teaching residents, early childhood center

    Construction on the Early Childhood Education Center has finished and the new facility will welcome students in fall 2021. The School of Education is involved in curriculum and professional development for the center, as well as coordinating cross-campus holistic support services for children and families.

  6. Truck noise in Southwest Detroit adds to public health concerns

    Researchers at the University of Michigan joined forces with community members and the Southwest Detroit Community Benefits Coalition to evaluate the noise impact of the trucks on the neighborhood, many being rerouted as part of the new Gordie Howe International Bridge under construction.

  7. Boots-on-the-ground design with an impact

    The Taubman Public Design Corps builds partnerships between student designers and local nonprofits.

  8. Two School of Information students win Student Design Summit

    The focus of this past year’s Student Design Competition was the Midtown Cultural Center, a district in Detroit consisting of multiple cultural institutions. Students were challenged to utilize technology to support the mission of the Midtown Cultural Center.

  9. Mutual benefit guides U-M’s work with Detroit partners

    The task force’s report on engagement in Detroit is used as a guide across campus to ensure that research and engagement projects are conducted in an equitable and mutually beneficial manner. The task force was chaired by Robert Sellers, vice provost and chief diversity officer, and included representatives from all areas of campus.