1. Lecturer Shakara Tyler: Black food sovereignty is a real possibility in Detroit

    “That Black agrarian history that has been supplanted in Detroit and physical amount of territory available, and the unapologetic politics around self-determination and Black power, have created beautiful storm of sorts where these things intersect where Black food sovereignty is a real possibility.”

    ~ Shakara Tyler

  2. And justice for all: Amanda Alexander brings racial justice front and center

    “The past three and a half years of running the Detroit Justice Center have really driven home the importance of putting questions of incarceration front and center when we’re thinking about the future of the city.”

    ~ Amanda Alexander

  3. Faculty Q&A: Trina Shanks on how to improve family well-being in Detroit

    “There are at least opportunities to meet one another, collaborate with one another, advise larger groups of people who are doing engagement, and who are working in Detroit, and who are thinking about working in Detroit. It doesn’t have to be everybody starting from scratch completely every time. It’s not perfect yet but it’s better than it was, and I think people are communicating.”
    ~ Trina Shanks, social work professor

  4. Dean Moje: The fight for Detroit school children’s constitutional right to literacy isn’t over

    “We’re talking about equitable opportunities, not just equal. What we’re seeing is that after years and years of disenfranchisement… it’s not possible to give everyone the same funding and say that that’s equality because in fact many districts are so disadvantaged by the way funding has played out and by our systems that are oppressive and unjust that they need more money than other settings, and that’s what inspired me.”
    ~ Elizabeth Birr Moje, dean of the University of Michigan School of Education