1. Partner Profile: Urban Neighborhood Initiatives supports people and places in Detroit’s Springwells neighborhood

    Part of helping people thrive is making sure the neighborhoods where they live are thriving too. For the past 25 years, Urban Neighborhood Initiatives has focused on serving the people and places within a 1.4-square-mile-area of the Springwells neighborhood in Southwest Detroit. 

  2. U-M graduate students showcase sustainability ideas for Detroit small businesses

    The students met with Detroit entrepreneurs and energy experts to understand the most pressing energy needs in the city. Those meetings helped them create how-to guides on how Detroit business owners can make their business “greener” and obtain funding through the Inflation Reduction Act to make changes.

  3. U-M students create equitable business models for green energy businesses in Detroit

    To make sure their business solutions are targeted toward Detroit small business needs, community engagement will take a center role in the course like never before.

  4. My summer learning valuable lessons at Sister Pie

    Detroit Neighborhood Entrepreneur’s Project +Impact Studio for Local Business is an interdisciplinary summer internship where undergraduate students from the Ross School of Business and several other schools and colleges at the University of Michigan partner with a portfolio of Detroit entrepreneurs to help expand their businesses.

  5. Faculty members receive Harold R. Johnson Diversity Service Awards

    Faculty awardees work includes the Doctors of Tomorrow program, diversity, equity and inclusion recruiting and teaching methods, diversifying library materials, participatory filmmaking and using mindfulness to address social injustice.

  6. Birth Detroit co-founder says opening during pandemic accelerated her “heart’s work”

    “Throughout my time at Michigan, I developed a unique tool box of technical and cultural skills, and grew a diverse network of relationships that undoubtedly prepared me for the work I am called to today.”
    ~ Leseliey Welch, MBA ’12

  7. Q&A: Alum Dave Kwiatkowski crafts a special cocktail for U-M Detroit

    “I think that people have realized that fine dining is not a fad. It’s not a trend. Fine drinking is not either, so I don’t think it’s going to go anywhere.”

    ~ Dave Kwiatkowski, owner of the Sugar House in Corktown

  8. Two-directional learning helps small businesses and students thrive

    Lily Hamburger says that DNEP’s presence in Detroit has generated trust and new projects, such as the DNEP+Impact Studio for Local Business, which helps entrepreneurs pivot in the post-pandemic economy.

  9. FIRST PERSON: Learning from Detroit businesses and fellow students

    “To maximize our impact, each team is focusing on one specific area of need so we can address that same problem in multiple companies and develop expertise in that area. As a result, we have eight teams: four focusing on marketing problems and four focusing on operations.”
    ~ Michael Willard