1. A win-win: working together to increase the impact

    A jointly sponsored UM-Dearborn – UM-Flint Collaborative Research Funding Program awarded up to $160,000 for four collaborative research projects.

  2. Q&A-Sherelle Hogan: Helping Detroit children with incarcerated parents thrive

    Sherelle Hogan’s goal is to create a service model that can be replicated nationwide to combat the cycle of incarceration.

  3. Dara Hill finds resonating way to share research

    “I will tell you this: When I published articles about this topic, no one was like, ‘I want to read it! How can I read it? With the film, I had so many people who couldn’t make it to the festival writing me, saying, ‘I want to see it! How can I see it?’”

    ~ Dara Hill, associate professor of reading and language arts in the College of Education, Health, and Human Services at UM-Dearborn

  4. Creating pathways to nature

    The Office of Metropolitan Impact is instrumental in organizing SEMI Wild and its career and education pathway program that connects underrepresented youth to organizations like UM-Dearborn, the Detroit Zoological Society, Belle Isle Nature Center and others.

  5. Cinema Detroit brings back inclusive theater experience, indie screenings

    “We are very proud of being able to create a space for the community to be welcomed on a day-to-day basis, but also to have their voices heard, whether that’s in local activists or community members having a Q&A and discussion, or just having more representative films. Representation really does matter.”
    ~ Tim Guthat

  6. Community brings a fresh spin to Detroit alleyways

    “This brings together this alley activation work with the green energy work in a way that’s very locally applied. The project is really led and driven by the community partners.”
    ~ Paul Draus, UM-Dearborn sociology professor

  7. U-M experts: Detroit-area flooding consistent with precipitation trends under changing climate

    University of Michigan experts are available to discuss the weekend flooding in the Detroit metro area. The flooding provides a dramatic reminder that the frequency and intensity of severe storms are expected to continue to increase in the Great Lakes region due to climate change.

  8. Distinctly Detroit Podcast: Tracy S. Hall

    A Podcast on what makes one want to be in the city of Detroit. Join our host Katie Benjamin as she interviews students, scholars, innovators, and leaders from across the city to learn how they came to live, work, and love in Detroit.

  9. Q&A: U-M Alum R.J. King chronicles Detroit’s earliest manufacturing history

    “I wrote the book because nobody had really explained how Detroit had the world’s largest manufacturing economy when the automotive industry started.”
    ~ R.J. King, UM-Dearborn alumnus