1. More Detroiters ‘very likely’ to get COVID-19 vaccine than 4 months ago, U-M survey finds

    The greatest discrepancy between those willing and unwilling to vaccinate is related to how they view science on the effectiveness of the vaccine and the advice of doctors. While 94% of people likely to vaccinate say scientific findings on vaccine effectiveness are important to their decision, just 62% of those unlikely to vaccinate say it is important.

  2. Taubman faculty to support new Oakland Avenue Urban Farm project through Knight Foundation grant

    “As we build a place that more North End residents are involved with and proud of, and as more community needs are served, we know the North End will thrive.”

    ~ Jerry Ann Hebron, Oakland Avenue Urban Farm director

  3. U-M’s partnerships, initiatives in Detroit on the rise during pandemic

    The variety and volume of the efforts are a collaboration with Detroit’s neighborhoods, its community organizations and its residents. While the specific goals and partners of each effort vary, all of the work aims to help boost the vitality of Detroit and the region. 

  4. “Money Head” exhibit latest public art exhibition at U-M space on Selden and Woodward

    The public art exhibition, which began in November, features the work of Detroit artists and designers at the Michigan Research Studio/ArcPrep space.

  5. Four LSA professors explore how these tumultuous and terrible months could help us create a better world

    From the fields of history, anthropology, and political science, four LSA professors explore post-carceral life, the role of protest in democracy, how race influences our perceptions of police violence, and how these tumultuous and terrible months could help us create a better world.

  6. LSA faculty share the television shows and films whose stories matter now

    LSA faculty representing a wide range of disciplines and expertise shared some of their recommendations for films on race and racism that are worth adding to your list.

  7. They just shot a Steven Soderbergh movie at this UM-Dearborn professor’s Detroit house

    Dale and Anne Thomson’s Detroit home recently played host to actors Ray Liotta and Benicio Del Toro.

  8. U-M, community partners tackle energy insecurity in three Detroit neighborhoods

    A new University of Michigan-led project, in partnership with four Detroit community-based organizations, will work with residents of 200 low- and moderate-income households in three Detroit neighborhoods to improve home energy efficiency and to lower monthly utility bills.

  9. Michigan Minds: How political conflict and participation address issues of inequality

    In this episode of Michigan Minds, Christian Davenport, professor of political science and faculty associate at the Center for Political Studies, shares his insights on the current protests and political…