Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning

  1. Sharon Haar: exploring social activism in architecture practice and education

    Detroit, like many cities, is in great need of housing that’s both accessible and appropriate for its residents — especially the 40 percent of Black Detroiters who don’t have access to a car.

  2. Sirota: designing cultural infrastructure for a broad public

    Much of Akoaki’s other current work is centered on Detroit’s historic North End, a once-thriving entertainment district that today retains few physical markers of that legacy.

  3. Dolores Perales: making sustainable, equitable change in her neighborhood

    “Environmental factors tend to be left out of the planning process, as well as the needs and wants of community — especially frontline communities and communities of color like mine — so I am going into this field to make sustainable, equitable change.” ~ Dorothy Perales

  4. U-M experts: Detroit-area flooding consistent with precipitation trends under changing climate

    University of Michigan experts are available to discuss the weekend flooding in the Detroit metro area. The flooding provides a dramatic reminder that the frequency and intensity of severe storms are expected to continue to increase in the Great Lakes region due to climate change.

  5. Craig Borum and Jen Maigret are not niche players

    In their dual roles as practicing architects and college professors, Craig Borum and Jen Maigret also have developed a creative conduit for ideas, talent, and collaboration that benefits Taubman College students and graduates, as well as their firm’s clients and community stakeholders.

  6. Distinguished alumni award winner June Manning Thomas on crossing “terra incognita” to create a path for others

    By connecting spirituality and planning, June Manning Thomas says planners can transcend the profession’s limitations: “I’ve never expected that urban planning could solve deeply entrenched social problems that are embedded within bigger forces because urban planning is tied to bureaucracies that are dependent on what policies do or do not exist.” 

  7. Alums Meredith McLellan and Angela Fortino are making The District Detroit a reality

    The pair joined Olympia Development as part of a company growth spurt following its opening of Little Caesars Arena — the home of the NBA’s Detroit Pistons and the NHL’s Detroit Red Wings — and plans to develop the surrounding area as The District Detroit.

  8. Taubman College’s 2021 Dow Sustainability Fellows: from water conservation to horses

    The Dow Sustainability Fellows program supports U-M graduate students and scholars in their efforts to create sustainable solutions to pressing issues in various areas of study. The fellows engage in interdisciplinary, actionable, and meaningful work, tackling problems on a local, national, and global scale. Each fellow receives a $20,000 stipend and participates in collaborative activities and a team project.

  9. Janell O’Keefe says a safe neighborhood shouldn’t be a privilege

    O’Keefe recognizes that addressing racial inequity is a big and complex problem and says that the planning field as a whole “still has a lot to grapple with when it comes to equity.”