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Detroit Transportation Grant Program

The University of Michigan faculty and students benefit from programs and engagement in Detroit, the city where U-M was founded, as it enables them the chance to see a different perspective of the community in which they live, work, and study. The partnership between U-M and Detroit also provides mutual benefits to the city and University through service, education, research, and cultural exchange. To assist with these efforts, U-M is piloting a Detroit Transportation Grant Program. This program is designed for U-M Ann Arbor student organizations and/or faculty-directed projects or classes engaging in the City of Detroit, with the goal of reducing the transportation barrier for Detroit engagement. This will hopefully enable expanded partnerships and greater impact.

Grant Information

This program is intended to support formal U-M Ann Arbor engagements. All student organizations applying for the grant must have an SOAS account, and all Faculty must provide a unit shortcode to which funding can be transferred. This program is NOT intended for individual student requests. This grant awards up to $15 per traveler per trip up to a maximum of $750. The pilot has a limited pool of funds and will cease once these funds are exhausted.

To apply for the Detroit Transportation Grant Program, please fill out the application form.