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Community of Practice: The Impact of Belonging

Join us and our newest addition to our team, our Senior Project Manager, Dr. Lynita Taylor on Friday, April 12, from 12 – 2 PM, at the University of Michigan Detroit Center, 3663 Woodward Ave STE #150, Detroit, MI. Get to know our new teammate and enjoy an in-depth discussion about the need and effects of the right to belong and what that looks like in different environments. Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, DEIB, has caused a stir in spaces like corporate and education. Discuss the need and effects behind the right to belong. Join others in community at this workshop. Save your spot here.


Upcoming Events

Rebellion, Rascals, and Revenue: Taxes in America

Tax day is right around the corner, and we want to invite you to discuss how we got here in the first place.

From throwing tea over ships in Boston to the creation of the IRS to aid in war expenses during the Civil War. How Americans view taxation has changed and continues to change. On Friday, April 12th, from 6:00 – 8:00 PM, join the U-M Detroit Center and guest speaker, Dr. Joel Slemrod, the author of “Rebellion, Rascals, and Revenue”, and a professor with the Ross School of Business. Come ready for an eye-opening presentation and space for questions about how Detroit is a part of this. Save your spot here.


The Olympics: Money and Sports in Detroit

The NFL Draft will be in Detroit for the first time this month! Hundreds of fans, players, and news outlets will flock to the city in a matter of weeks. This is one of the biggest events in sports that the city has hosted, but hopefully, this won’t be the last.

On Friday, April 19th, from 6:00 – 8:00 PM, at the University of Michigan Detroit Center 3663 Woodward Ave STE 150, Detroit, MI, we will explore the history and complexities behind hosting events like this, specifically the Olympics. The city has applied to host the Olympics seven times and has been passed up each time. Money, publicity, and tourism surround this opportunity, and most believe this could be great for Detroit. Join us with special guest Dr. Stefan Syzmanski, to explore the expansive history of the Olympics and the aftermath for the hosts. Who really wins when the Olympics come into town? Find out and save your spot today.


Remembering the Rwandan Genocide: What are the Lessons for Today?

On Friday, April 19th, from 6:00 – 8:00 PM, at the University of Michigan Detroit Center 3663 Woodward Ave STE 150, Detroit, MI, guest speakers, Dr. Andrew Port, author of Never Again: Germans and Genocide after the Holocaust Samuel Habimana, founder and executive director of the Rwanda Resilience and Grounding Organization will host an open discussion about the international view and approach for genocide with the Rwandan Genocide as the key focus.

Come and join the discussion at the Detroit Center with our guest speakers to explore the different reactions from nations and organizations like the United Nations or the International Criminal Court. Together we will consider the question, “What can we learn from the experience of Rwanda, then and now?”