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  1. Exposed to music as a Detroit student, alum Wayne S. Brown now leads Michigan Opera Theatre

    Wayne S. Brown hears and feels Detroit like a musical composition, a songbook that tells his life story and that of the city through its crescendos and decrescendos, its mournful lamentations to its soaring arias. Brown, a University of Michigan alum who serves as president and CEO of Michigan Opera Theatre, knows Detroit as the place that enriched his childhood, gave him his love of performing music and his first job opportunity with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. It now serves as his inspiration to bring opera off of the stage and out into a community ready to embrace it.

  2. U-M professor Bill Lovejoy connects neighborhoods with business in Detroit

    It was his work with Detroit Sip and becoming a regular face at block club meetings, that resulted in Bill Lovejoy winning a Spirit of Detroit award from the Detroit City Council in 2018. This award remains one of his proudest achievements to date. “Anything I do in Detroit I do with local residents, and without them I do nothing.”

  3. Q&A: Steve Tobocman helps make Detroit welcoming for immigrants

    For the last 10 years, Steve Tobocman has been at the center of efforts to bolster Metro Detroit’s immigrant communities and their contribution to the region’s economy. Since 2009, the University of Michigan alum has led Global Detroit, a non-profit dedicated to making the area welcoming to immigrants, attracting and retaining talent, revitalizing neighborhoods, and attracting business development.

  4. U-M, Detroit Community Schools celebrate first anniversary of Brightmoor Maker Space

    More than 150 community members gathered to celebrate a year of “making” at the Brightmoor Maker Space recently. The Detroit Community Schools and the University of Michigan’s Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design hosted the open house to celebrate its first academic year in operation.

  5. U-M, Detroit gathering shares impact, ways forward

    “We’re not just showcasing the work of the university, but of the university and our partners in the city. We hope there will be a lot of spark and new partnerships form,” said Sonia Harb, special advisor on Detroit engagement for the provost’s office, of the purpose of um3detroit.

  6. U-M report details phosphorus sources—both urban and agricultural—in Detroit River watershed

    A new University of Michigan report provides the most detailed characterization to date of the phosphorus sources—and their relative contributions—in the complex Detroit River watershed, which is heavily urbanized on the U.S. side of the border and mainly agricultural on the Canadian side.

  7. Detroit Vineyards opens first winery in the city in half a century

    About a decade ago, wine expert Blake Kownacki met Claes Fornell, a retired University of Michigan business professor and expert on customer satisfaction. Their conversations blossomed into a friendship based on their mutual admiration for good wine, and they started to brainstorm how to put Detroit back on the map as a wine-centric, agri-entertainment center.

  8. um3detroit spotlights partners, projects in Detroit

    The um3detroit event on May 9 at the Gem Theater in Detroit features talks by U-M President Mark Schlissel and U-M alumni Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and Wendy Jackson, managing director of the Detroit Program for the Kresge Foundation.

  9. Changing neighborhoods: Building Detroit one entrepreneur at a time

    It was Jevona Watson’s dream to have a coffee shop in the Fitzgerald neighborhood in northwest Detroit, a place she calls home. A matching Motor City Match grant in 2016 helped take the first steps toward her dream. Watson began searching for support and resources as she was getting the shop ready to open. She landed on the University of Michigan’s Detroit Neighborhood Entrepreneurs Project.