Money Head

I am an artist exploring personal and universal human experiences through visual, multi-media, and performance art. Over the years, I have found that I am drawn to topics that have had a personal effect on me and people and places I deeply connect with. I often employ the power of the figurative form to reclaim a vision of people whose bodies or histories are not accounted for, nor treated with care and attention. In particular, I am drawn to examine the life of brown and black bodies. In 2016, I discovered the power of performance art and its ability to challenge the art-making process. One of the main bodies I began experimenting with was “Money Head.”

“Money Head” is a staged photographic and performance series that explores the complex role of money in our lives – from its influence on those who lack it to those who abuse its power. The series takes place in different locations in Detroit, Michigan. I have a personal connection to all the places and spaces the photo shoot and/or performance takes place. The “Money Head” headpiece can be opened and closed. Inside the headpiece are objects that I have collected over the course of a few years. Objects are either found on site, made by me or made by others, or purchased. These objects are placed around the staged photographic/performance scene. Some objects include: a copy of the Declaration of Independence, a stuffed animal in the form of cow, a small heart-shaped brick found from the original construction site of Detroit’s Q-Line, and a “Money Head” doll I made.

Information About Work:

Printed in Edition of Four
Prints Measure 16”x24”
Available for Purchase
Contact: Yvette Rock at [email protected]